Refrigeration Shop

We distribute and supply a vast range of commercial meat and fish display fridges, providing affordable refrigeration to our customers!

Whatever your business, we have the solution!

Our commercial meat and fish display fridges are the perfect solution for your meat market, grocery shop and/or many other fresh food businesses that require reliable and cost-effective refrigeration displays.

For our Butchers out there, we provide special meat display cabinets for sale in the UK.

We also provide our UK clients, fresh fish serve over display counters. Yep, whether you run a fish market or a restaurant that serves a variety of different fish dishes, we can find the right counter for you!

In addition, our extreme cooling units and Serve Over counters provide the perfect solution to keeping meat, and fish products fresh all day long.

Furthermore, we also wholesale our fridges to kebab shop owners across the UK.

We can provide you with beautiful, affordable and modern looking display fridges.

Additionally, if you are running a deli shop or delicatessen in the UK area we can supply you with deli meat display cases that will not only keep your deli meat fresh, but will serve as a great display.

Our deli meat display cases allow customers self-service or service with the help of a shop assistant.

Among our display fridges, we also supply our customers with refrigeration options such as:

  • Curved glass meat display fridges
  • Lift up front glass meat display
  • Lift up glass serve over counters
  • Shop counter with refrigerated displays
  • Cold storage display fridges