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Apollo X

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Unveil the chill of perfection with the Apollo X Ice Cream Dispenser, a sleek embodiment of form and function.

Crafted with the elegance and precision Cebea is known for, this dispenser is more than just a storage unit; it’s a showcase for your finest ice cream and chilled delights.

Featuring cutting-edge temperature control, automatic defrost options, and striking front lighting, the Apollo X is designed to draw eyes and entice taste buds in cafes, seaside shops, and anywhere premium cold storage is a must.

Available in classic black or white, with bespoke colours on request, it stands ready to complement your decor and elevate your offering.

Step into a world where your cold treats are not just served but celebrated, making the Apollo X an essential highlight of your culinary presentation.

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Black, White



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The Apollo X Ice Cream Dispenser is a sleek and efficient display unit, combining style with practicality.

Crafted by Cebea as a companion to the Ellada Series, this serve-over counter is ideal for showcasing ice cream and other chilled items.


Product Attributes:

  • Temperature Control: Ensures a constant, low, and regulated environment for optimal preservation.
  • Front Lighting: Highlights your products attractively, drawing in customers.
  • Defrost Options: Features automatic defrost settings for ease of maintenance.
  • Colour Choices: Standard in black or white, with additional colours available upon request, allowing for customization to fit your space.
  • Versatile Use: An excellent choice for seaside shops, cafes, dessert displays, and any venue requiring stylish cold storage solutions.


Refrigeration Unit Specification:

  • Cooling System: Internal freezing aggregate with dynamic, ventilated cooling for even temperature distribution.
  • Exterior: MDF external body with a gloss finish in white or black, providing a modern and clean look.
  • Visibility: Equipped with glass sides and a straight front glass featuring a telescopic lifting system for easy access and cleaning.
  • Insulation: Ecological polyurethane foam ensures efficient insulation and energy savings.
  • Storage: The exposition surface is designed to accommodate GN containers, offering flexibility in product display.
  • Worktop: Durable stainless steel worktop for preparation and service.
  • Design Accents: Anodised aluminium profiles in black add a touch of sophistication.
  • Lighting: Front interior lighting with fluorescent LEDs enhances product visibility.
  • Maintenance: Automatic defrost function simplifies upkeep, ensuring your display is always in prime condition.


Apollo X Ice Cream Dispenser | Specification | Bestronic Refrigeration

Apollo X Ice Cream Dispenser | Specification | Bestronic Refrigeration


Technical Drawing

Apollo X Ice Cream Dispenser | Technical drawing | Bestronic Refrigeration

Apollo X Ice Cream Dispenser | Technical drawing | Bestronic Refrigeration

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