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Aruba 2 Square

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Indulge your patrons with the Aruba 2 Square Ice Cream Display Dispenser, a beacon of sophistication in the realm of dessert presentation.

Designed to seamlessly integrate into any setting, from seaside shops to chic coffee houses, this plug-in-style counter is your gateway to showcasing gelato ice cream in all its glory.

With options for square or curved glass and equipped with radiant LED lighting—some models feature lift-up glass—this dispenser not only preserves your scoops to perfection but also elevates them into an art form.

Ideal for any venue looking to offer a sweet escape, the Aruba 2 Square promises to transform your ice cream display into a focal point of attraction, inviting every customer to savour the flavours on offer.

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Black, White


1.0m 7 Pans, 1.25m 10 Pans

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The Aruba 2 Square Ice Cream Display Dispenser effortlessly combines style with functionality, making it the perfect choice for showcasing soft scoops of ice cream.

Whether you prefer a square or curved glass design, this plug-in counter is crafted to highlight your gelato selections, complemented by LED lighting, and certain models boast handy lift-up glass. It's a perfect fit for seaside shops, dessert showcases, coffee houses, and afternoon tea spots, inviting customers to indulge in a delectable array of flavours.


Refrigeration Unit Specification:

  • Cooling System: Features an internal freezing aggregate and dynamic, ventilated cooling for consistent and optimal temperature maintenance.
  • Exterior Design: Offers a wooden external housing available in various colours to match any decor, complemented by elegant glass sides.
  • Accessibility: The curved front glass comes with a telescopic lifting system, ensuring easy access and cleaning.
  • Insulation: Utilises ecological polyurethane foam for efficient thermal retention and energy savings.
  • Capacity: The exposition surface is designed to accommodate GN containers (360x165 mm), perfect for displaying up to 14 or 28 flavours depending on the model.
  • Durability: A stainless steel worktop provides a sturdy and hygienic surface for serving.
  • Aesthetic Touches: Anodised aluminium profiles in gold or silver add a touch of elegance to the unit's appearance.
  • Security: Includes a manual shutter on the personnel side for added safety and security.
  • Lighting: Upper interior lighting with fluorescent LED ensures every flavour is attractively illuminated.
  • Maintenance Features: Equipped with automatic defrost and condenser vaporisation functions for hassle-free upkeep.
  • Control and Safety: Features an electronic temperature controller with a digital display and a recorder, complete with software for precise management. An alarm system alerts staff to condenser impurities or fan operation failure, ensuring the unit's reliability.



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