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Refrigeration Unit Specification

  • Internal aggregate
  • Electronic controller with temperature display
  • Dynamic cooling
  • Automatic defrosting
  • Automatic evaporation of condensate
  • The device adapted to the building and connecting in strings
  • Straight windshield
  • Hinged windshield
  • Rear glass sliding door
  • Stainless steel mirror interior
  • Adjustable glass shelves
  • Illuminated glass shelves
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The Vertika NZ cake display fridge is a general-purpose chilled display cabinet perfect for displaying a wide range of patisseries including Bakery Items, cakes and pastries.

It can be used for either for self-service by the customer, or for service by an attendant.

In addition, it can be used to present fresh food for immediate consumption, such as baked cakes, unwrapped cream cakes, cookies, biscuits, and buns.

  • Great for savoury pastries and other savoury snacks served cold.
  • Packaged goods can also be displayed in this chilled patisserie unit including multipacks of cupcakes, donuts, and other cold sweets.
  • The Open-faced glass cake displays fridge is one of our best designs but is also practical
  • The Vertika NZ cake display fridge is easy to clean.

Technical Drawing

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