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Introducing the SLC 500, 700 Upright Medical Refrigerator: Precision Medical and Laboratory Refrigeration

Explore the cutting-edge SLC 500, 700 series, Bestronic Refrigeration’s latest innovation in medical and laboratory refrigeration.

Designed specifically for demanding healthcare and scientific environments, these fridges offer precise temperature control and reliable storage solutions for sensitive medical and laboratory materials.

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SLC 500, 700 Upright Medical Refrigerator: Advanced Refrigeration Solutions for Medical and Laboratory Use

The SLC 500, 700 series from Bestronic Refrigeration represents the pinnacle of refrigeration technology tailored for medical and laboratory applications.

Whether you're storing delicate medical samples, pharmaceuticals, or laboratory reagents, these refrigerators provide the critical performance you need.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic Cooling: Ensures uniform temperature distribution throughout the unit, which is crucial for the preservation of sensitive materials.
  • Electronic Control with Digital Display: Monitor and adjust the temperature with ease, ensuring optimal conditions for your medical and laboratory products.
  • Automatic Defrost System: Minimizes maintenance requirements and ensures the fridge remains efficient and effective at all times.
  • High-Security with Self-Closing Door and Lock: Enhances safety and maintains internal temperature stability, which is crucial for medical and laboratory settings.
  • AISI 304 Steel Interior: Offers exceptional cleanliness and resistance to corrosion, essential for maintaining medical hygiene standards.
  • Eco-Friendly Design: Features ecological polyurethane foam insulation and uses R-290 refrigerant, minimizing environmental impact while maintaining superior efficiency.
  • Alarms and Safety Features: Equipped with visual and sound alarms for high- and low-temperature variations and an open-door alarm, immediately addressing any discrepancy.
  • Versatility and Mobility: Fitted with castors and additional adjustable legs for easy movement and placement within any medical or laboratory environment.


Ideal for use as a medical fridge, med fridge, fridge for pharmacy, and more, the SLC 500, 700 series is perfect for facilities that require reliable, high-quality refrigeration for pharmaceuticals and laboratory reagents.

It excels not only in functionality but also in energy efficiency and security, making it a top choice for hospitals, pharmacies, and research centres looking for a fridge pharmacy, pharma fridge, or laboratory refrigerator.

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