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Samos Deep Mod C

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Elevate your food display to a masterpiece of style and efficiency with the Samos Deep mod C serve over counter.

A beacon of innovation in our range, this versatile counter is designed to meet the bustling demands of any food service environment, from delis to high-end restaurants.

With its cutting-edge window opening system, expansive display area, and ample storage, the Samos Deep mod C is not just a piece of equipment—it’s a pivotal part of your customer’s experience. Ideal for showcasing an array of fresh foods with both elegance and practicality, this serve over counter promises to be the heart of your grocery store, cafe, or eatery, regardless of size or speciality.

Discover the perfect blend of functionality and sophistication, and watch as your offerings become an irresistible invitation to every passerby.

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0.94m, 1.25m, 1.56m, 1.88m, 2.5m, 3.13m, 3.75m, External Corner, Internal Corner

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The Samos Deep mod C serve over counter is a standout selection within our product range, celebrated for its versatility and a wide array of variants that cater to diverse business needs.

This counter is distinguished by its innovative window opening system, which operates smoothly without the need for telescopes, and boasts a maximised display area coupled with spacious storage—attributes highly appreciated by customers.

Designed to be powered by both an internal and external generator, the Samos Deep mod C is adaptable to various settings, making it an ideal choice for any grocery store interior, regardless of its size or specialisation. Serve over counters are essential for the efficient storage and appealing presentation of a vast variety of fresh food such as meats, fish, sandwiches, and more, enhancing customer interaction and satisfaction.

Our collection also includes a range of remote serve over counters, featuring lift-up front glass displays that have become a familiar feature in delis, supermarkets, butcheries, hotels, bars, pubs, and a multitude of other business venues.

These counters are exceptionally well-suited for kebab shops, sandwich shops, takeaways, and restaurants of various cuisines including Indian sweets, Italian, Chinese, pizza, sushi bars, and more, making them a versatile solution for food service businesses.

Refrigeration Unit Specification:

  • Powered by external aggregate for efficient temperature management.
  • Dynamic cooling (ventilated) ensures consistent air circulation for fresh food preservation.
  • Exposition area and storage chamber constructed from stainless steel for durability and hygiene.
  • Rear storage compartment door is hinged (not applicable to corner units) for easy access.
  • Elegant grey marble worktop (20 mm thickness) adds a touch of sophistication.
  • Straight side-hung front glass panel offers clear visibility and easy access to displayed items.
  • Night blinds made of plexiglass to conserve energy and maintain temperature overnight.
  • LED lamp with a "deep pink" colour enhances the visual appeal of meats.
  • Insulated plastic side walls and glass side panels available in different colours to match any décor.
  • Automatic defrost system for maintenance ease.
  • Condenser outlet to container facilitates moisture management.
  • Electronic temperature controller with digital display for precise control.
  • Alarm for condenser impurity or fan operation failure ensures prompt maintenance.
  • Bottom LED illumination highlights products attractively.
  • Customer front shelf with an aluminium profile for added convenience.



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