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Samos Deep Mod C


Refrigeration Unit Specification

  • Internal cooling aggregate
  • Dynamic cooling (ventilated)
  • Exposition area made of stainless steel
  • Storage chamber made of stainless steel
  • Rear storage compartment door – hinged (not applicable to corners)
  • Black marble worktop (thickness 20 mm)
  • Straight side-hung front glass panel
  • Night blinds made of plexi glass
  • Led lamp (colour meaty “deep pink”)
  • Insulated plastic side walls + glass side panels – different colours available
  • Automatic defrost
  • Condenser outlet to container
  • Electronic temperature controller with digital display
  • Condenser impurity or fan operation failure alarm
  • Bottom led illumination
  • Customer front shelf (aluminium profile)



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The Samos Deep mod C serve over counter is a popular counter in our range.

Its versatile, has a multitude of variants that offers unique features, such as an innovative window opening system without telescopes, has a maximised display area with spacious storage that’s good for the customers.

The device can be powered by both an internal and external generator.

It’s perfect for any grocery store interior, regardless of its size or specialisation.

Serve over counters make it easy to store and present a vast variety of fresh food such meats, fish, sandwiches, etc. 

We also have an assortment of remote serve over counters. The lift up front glass displays are a common sight in delis, supermarkets, butcheries, hotels, bars, pubs and many other places of business. Also ideal for kebab shops, sandwich shops, takeaways and other restaurants such as kebab shops, Indian Sweet, Italian restaurants, Chinese restaurants, pizza, sushi bar and more.


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