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Pastella W

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Embrace the future of confectionary display with the Pastella W cabinet line, where modern retail meets unmatched flexibility.

This line is crafted for those who seek to dynamically adapt their offering, blending effortlessly into the rhythm of day-to-day changes in assortment.

With its expansive display area, the Pastella W turns cakes, pastries, and bread into a visual feast, captivating the senses and inviting customers to explore with delight.

Not just a refrigeration unit but a cornerstone of practical elegance, it promises to transform any confectionary retail space into a destination of choice for discerning customers.

Step into a world where your bakery and pastry creations are not just seen but experienced, making the Pastella W an indispensable ally in the art of presentation.

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The Pastella W display cabinet line embodies the essence of modern retail, designed to cater to the dynamic needs of today's sales environments.

It emphasises flexibility in arrangement and the ability to swiftly adapt to changes in the assortment, even within a day.

Crafted with a keen eye for design and functionality, this cake, pastry, and bakery counter offers confectionary retailers a generous display space, making it a standout choice for showcasing a wide variety of fresh produce.

From the delicate textures of cakes and pastries to the rustic appeal of bread, the Pastella W makes storage and presentation effortless and stylish.

Recognising the importance of practicality in addition to aesthetics, each unit in our range not only serves as an ideal commercial display fridge but also incorporates features designed to enhance usability and efficiency.

Refrigeration Unit Specification:

  • Internal Cooling Aggregate: Utilises R290 refrigerant for efficient cooling.
  • Front Glass: Features an openable design with a bending radius of R20 for easy access and cleaning.
  • Dynamic Cooling: Ensures even temperature distribution with automatic defrost for optimal freshness.
  • External Housing: Made of coated steel sheet available in a variety of colours from our pattern book for custom aesthetics.
  • Side Panels: Constructed from melamine plate, with a selection of colours available to match any décor.
  • Front Panel: Wooden melamine finish, offering diverse colour options for a personalised touch.
  • Insulation: Ecological polyurethane foam for superior temperature retention and energy efficiency.
  • Exposition Shelves: Three glass shelves with adjustable height and angle, mounted on a painted frame with various colour options.
  • Bottom Shelf: Crafted from painted steel, available in different colours for a cohesive look.
  • Lighting: Upper interior lighting and LED backlighting for each shelf to enhance product visibility and appeal.
  • Condensation Management: Automatic condenser vaporisation to maintain a dry and efficient operation.
  • Temperature Control: Electronic controller with digital display for precise adjustments.
  • Safety Alarms: Alerts for condenser impurity or fan operation failure to ensure continuous, reliable performance.



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