Your Refrigeration Device Isn't Working Properly. What to do next?

You suddenly notice your hard working powerhouse of a machine is not operating as it should. 

Perhaps there’s a low hum? Or it’s lost its power, or the lights are flashing? Don’t panic!

Here are a few checks you can perform, before you call out the repairs team.

Broken Shop Display Fridge - Before calling the Engineer - Bestronic v2

Power Supply

OK, it may sound obvious, but check the device is properly connected to the power supply network.

  • If it’s connected properly and switched on, check you have a mains supply.

  • Ensure the voltage and frequency in the network are compliant with those recommended by the manufacturer (230V/50Hz (UK))

  • Confirm the thermostat is on (this relates primarily to an IGLOO thermostat). If only two spots are visible on the display – turn on the thermostat.

If there is water leakage from below the display unit or inside the chamber:

  • Check whether the device is properly level.

  • Check outflow pipes are clear and functioning correctly.

  • Empty the condenser tray or container.

  • Check there is not too much ice on the rail and on the condenser and defrost when necessary.

Lighting & Indicators

  • Check the lighting switch is turned on
  • Check the fluorescent lamp or starting switch are not burnt – if the device does not reach the proper temperature but the lighting is on…
  • Check the temperature setting on the thermostat is set correctly and that the thermostat works properly.
  • Check that the condenser is clean and, if necessary, clean the condenser.
  • Check the ambient temperature does not exceed 25ºC.
  • Has enough time passed for products to be cooled?
  • Check any ventilation holes of the device are not blocked.

None of the above

Noises made by the operating device are a normal phenomenon. The devices are equipped with ventilators, engines and compressors which turn on and off automatically.

Each compressor makes certain noises when operating. These sounds are made by the aggregate engine and by cooling agent flowing through the circuit. These are just technical features of cooling devices and don’t mean they are faulty.

Steam precipitation on the glass of a device is normal in cases of high relative air humidity (exceeding 60%) and does not require calling for a service.

In the case of environmental conditions exceeding normal levels, in accordance with refrigerator class three (relative humidity above 60%), the phenomenon of water pouring from a system with automatic condensate evaporation (evaporators) may occur. This is not a malfunction and does not require a service call.

If, after checking the points described above, the device still does not work properly, please contact Technical Services.

By Emila Palak